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Motor Trade Radio is a weekly podcast, powered by MOTORS, focused on the needs of today’s franchised and independent car dealerships, as well as suppliers and OEMs. Available to stream wherever you are, it presents a blend of industry headlines, interviews, expert opinion, top tips and entertainment wrapped up in a chat-show style platform. Join co-hosts Philip Nothard and Curtis Hutchinson for #AllTheChatterThatMatters

Aug 28, 2016

This Sunday on #LeadingLadiesMTR, Steph talks with Jools Tait, Business Development Director of BEN to discuss the vital work that the automotive charity does across the industry. To find out more about BEN, please visit

Aug 27, 2016

Join Derek and Philip as they recap on the weeks news headlines from, including Radar Video (our sister company) being appointed as a mandatory dealer standard across one manufacturers network.

Aug 21, 2016

On today's episode of #LeadingLadiesMTR, Steph is joined by Linda Jackson, the CEO of Citroën globally to discuss Linda's career path, vision for Citroën and being voted the number one Most Influential British Female in the car industry by Autocar.

Aug 20, 2016

Joining Derek on this bonus episode of Motor Trade Radio is Alistair Horsburgh, CEO of CitNOW, who have pioneered the use of video in the showroom. Alastair discusses how adopting dealers create familiarity with prospective buyers.

Aug 20, 2016

On Saturday's episode, Derek and Philip are joined by Daksh Gupta CEO and Mark Raban CFO of Marshall Motor Holdings Plc to discuss the group's recent H1 results. Daksh also provides an update on his recent Industry Leaders Challenge for motor charity BEN.