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Motor Trade Radio

Motor Trade Radio is an internet-only radio show focussed around the needs of today’s franchised and independent car dealerships. Downloadable to iPhone / iPad (iOS), desktop and android devices, it brings a daily blend of expert opinion, industry news, top tips and entertainment wrapped up in a chat-show style platform. Each episode is just 20-30 minutes long, so busy dealers can even listen to it on their way to work.

Jun 2, 2018

On this Saturday’s episode of MotortradeRadio.comPhilip Nothard of @COX AutomotiveUK  is joined by Curtis Hutchinson chat about this week’s news as we discuss the stories of the week as @AMChatter reports on @HendyGroup acquiring Portsmouth's @Unbeatablecar used car supermarket.

@Motortrademag reports that big SUVs are coming under pressure and experiencing some of the biggest prices falls in the used car market. Whilst, @AMChatter reports on @CaffynsGroup 16% profit decline amid ‘very disappointing’ performance of volume car brands.

@AutoRetil reports Retail group @JohnsonsCars has reported a reduction in certain manufacturers’ volume targets - “Manufacturer volume targets have been met naturally” and @AutoExpress highlight that UK petrol and diesel fuel prices increase for 59 consecutive days.

And finally…… the IMDA is proud to announce its first ever 'Best Practice' Masterclass. Click here for tickets